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Discussion in 'iOS Support' started by Stime, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Stime

    Stime New Member

    for an entire week, I have been booted from the game at random intervals. Then stable for awhile, then not. War starts and my entire Alliance experiences unstable game play with being kicked out and then, upon logging back in, receiving a message that we are logged on from another device. Incredibly frustrating. Please fix. Please reply. And...developers, please add some features to the game soon. Many are ditching the game because you aren't adding interest to the game play.
  2. Stime

    Stime New Member

    Now entering the third week of irregular, but frequent server disconnects. Kukouri, figure this out ASAP.
  3. General Lee

    General Lee New Member

    I think they have given up on the game and are just running it down now...

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