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Discussion in 'Alliances' started by datuak, Apr 14, 2017.

  1. datuak

    datuak New Member

    dear admin

    i suggest to add more server for this game, when friday comes the connection to the server being difficult, it wasting our time to restart again and again, the bad condition when we went to war then the connection lost at that time, we lost all gain... i've check my connection at that time was normaly, but i must restart the game many times with many notification, lost connectin, login another device and all off it makes me unconfortable to play the game


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  2. Leakon

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    As I heard that all the administrator are inactive, they're inactive because the released a brand new game for 2 months ago, more information at kukouri.com
  3. Mike_Hammer90

    Mike_Hammer90 New Member

    Hello, when will we receive an update for Tiny troopers alliance, and will it be anyway ?! Also what for a problem with servers ?!

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