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    the day and yet i'm still getting flag over a hundred nineteen ms that's it's not a lot that this high for being on beta servers I'm usually like a II left higher roughly witness the shell sleep okay however this bastard so we're talking about a dragon soul here I love the music and sounds really good to kill me e two x on your level of these dudes so you need to kill some yeah huh I think any credit for the already get a subjective credit that's interesting yeah I knew shagger this guy's an actor this game yeah that's it yeah yeah right now let's go kill this guy or slate this gay some cool lookin matters here come on buddy old friend release the shamed yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah lasers are you doing no i don't sorry here's some night what is holding its doom ever yeah present the weapon I feel like it you do me sorry you how does that make you feel your baby's a crack it ok I like the render please much I'm sorry I'm truly very key it clouds my judgment sure added rooms and yes I want you I shall prove to you I am NOT just some freak like me and then you're pretty fucking crazy it but I mean you do you think you're not crazy that's fine that's what the shrinks will tell you you're not crazy i started to kill six more of these guys so I'm going to do that for concern is all these questions turn is it swag essentially starting to get to me and probably going to take a break after this video into like straight so oh my goodness most of the s is she sick i am of these at night elf no you bastard it is one I got super yeah Oh sort of question away I mean I really enjoy these dragon quest yeah yeah yeah try to think of it what I do next after i finish the mizuna definitely going to do the rest of shaman artifact and then I'm probably going to do truitt level itconversations on medical error, conversations on personal genome ics, and what makes a family We owe special thanks to Fran Buckley, a member of Georgetown 's board of regents, and the Kennedy Institute of Ethics regents community whose generosity makes these conversations possible Fran, thank you very much [applause] And tonight for the first time, Conversations in Bioethics will be livestream ed Tonight, we ask the question, what is disability? We expect this conversation is going to challenge many of our assumptions And invite us all to think about ourselves and our world differently I hope that you were able to enjoy the gallery of student work Thanks to the faculty and students who contributed to ..

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